Rebeca (Martinez) Castillo is the founder and owner of MOED Transportation Systems, established in 2019. The Hebrew meaning of MOED is GOD’S Appointed Time and it also represents the number 4 for her 3 daughters and herself. This company is a representation of trusting and putting her FAITH in GOD to take this Leap of Faith in Transportation, of which she had no knowledge of until 2015. 

In January of 2015 she met her husband Ricardo Castillo and her now sister in law Liz Castillo, who has been immersed in the finance side of the transportation industry for over 20 years. Rebeca knowing nothing about the transportation industry except for her truck drivers she had as patients was the extent of her knowledge, but she was intrigued while speaking with her SNL about the transportation industry. Her SNL gave her an opportunity in 2016 to start cold calling for her and one of her colleagues to earn residual income. Rebeca would make calls to trucking companies during her lunch hour, she did this from 2016 to 2019 to earn extra money.

In December of 2018 Rebeca lost her father and something clicked in the months following his passing. January 2019, Rebeca reached out to her SNL to ask her if she knew of any companies hiring in the finance side of things. Although she did not have the experience as her sister in law she knew that she could learn it and succeed. Rebeca was just unhappy in the medical industry and she was being overworked and not seeing another way to move up in the ladder unless she went back to school, which was not possible since she had her oldest daughter in college and her girls education came first.

Rebeca prayed and asked GOD that if it was time for a change that the doctor she worked for at the time would understand the reason she was wanting to leave, but before she could sit with her doctor this happened. GOD works in mysterious ways; her doctor had just had a baby and was dealing with a lot of adjustments, so she actually came to Rebeca and offered her to travel to 2 different locations because she was going to step away from the Main St location (that was GOD moment). This was GOD showing me that it was a great time for me to take a leap of faith and change career paths from Medical to Transportation. When it is GOD’s timing everything flows naturally with no problems.

In March 2019 Rebeca left the medical field and started working with a local factoring company near her home. She learned a lot but in the process she realized and started exploring the dispatching side of the industry, something that was, at the time, completely new to her.

1-2 months in she was getting calls from her Spanish speaking clients that were being ignored by dispatchers and they had not worked for 2-3 days and needed help calling brokers to book loads for them, due to the language barrier, brokers would hang up on them. So while Rebeca is still learning the finance side of transportation she was getting pulled out of her comfort zone to help these clients obtain loads, the clients would call her and give her the number of a broker to call and get information on the loads from point A to point B knowing nothing else. Brokers would hang up on her because this a fast paced industry but she felt it was an obligation because she was the one that referred them to dispatchers who did not care about the clients livelihood, and could feel and empathize with the clients’ burdens.

In September 2019, Rebeca was extremely busy trying to take care of the factoring side of things and helping drivers to look for loads. It soon became an additional weekly responsibility for her, and started being too much. She asked her pastor to pray with her and asked GOD what her calling was, and what He wanted her to do: GOD helped her decide whether to stay in the factoring side of things or become an independent dispatcher.

As a dispatcher Rebeca would not have a steady income, because it is all commission based. The alternative was to stay with factoring where she was guaranteed a paycheck. GOD’s message was very clear: She needed to take a LEAP OF FAITH and trust that he was her source and not anyone else.

In September 2019 She gave her 2 weeks’ notice and she was told that same day to go. Obviously she was shocked, but she left with her head held high, excited and committed to help her clients find loads with no other distractions, hoping to get them to stay afloat.

She really wanted to help,  so she jumped in not knowing alot about dispatching except for the few phone calls that she would make for her clients. The first few weeks she would cry and ask GOD to help me and guide me because she only had one client/carrier who trusted her 100% and believed that she could do this for him. This person is still with Rebeca to this day, four years later.

She went into dispatching trusting GOD and 4 years later she is still thriving. She now has her own trucking company and helps the hispanic community start their companies as well.

She thanks GOD because as other businesses were stopped due to COVID, her company was only affected for 2 weeks and in those 2 weeks she kept her drivers and carriers busy with local runs.

This smooth transition was all thanks to GOD. We always need to remember that GOD’s vision for our lives is bigger than our own. WE JUST HAVE TO LET GO AND LET GOD!

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11